Individual HomeOwners

For individual homeowners who want to engage in glass recycling with the convenance of a curbside glass pick up service.

It doesn’t get any easier using our curbside glass recycling service. Just drop your glass into your bin, slide it out to the curb, and you’re done! We'll pick it up and deliver it to  the Lorton glass recycling facility for reuse.

Anywhere you are?

With Ecoserv, you can make recycling a priority while we do all the heavy lifting no matter your service frequency. Ecoserv will pick up where you live, work, and play. Better the glass goes to reuse than the trash heap never to be seen or used again.

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Residential Communities

Associations, clusters, and HOAs who want to sign on as an entire community, and participate in curbside glass recycling.


Make Your OWN Group

When you and your neighbors are eco- friendly, and want to sign up as a group. This provides regular curbside service at a better rate.

​​​Curbside Glass  Service